The Re-enforced Half Coconut Saloon in Vittorio.
The exterior hanging sign depicts an Orc who stands outlined by a silhouette of nice suit of armor, but is only wearing a strategically placed Coconut. The place is expensively priced, and only those who are wearing Masterwork Armor are allowed in. Inside this pricy saloon, there is a large wooden Orc Statue with a special “Coconut Chalice” (reinforced of course).

Patrons can order “The House Special” which is served in the Coconut Chalice at a very exorbitant price; but everyone in the tavern receives a free drink as well to go along and toast with the chalice drinker. Drinking the strong and potent ale is rumored to have three effects. They say that if you haven’t seen the ceremony of the drinking of the chalice before, then you are guaranteed to wince. The effects are drinking from the challice are known to last for a period of a couple of weeks, but thankfully they are not as a result of the ceremony.

Kwabena Jelani is the proprieter of the RHC.

It is rumored that the effects of drinking make you stronger, and more pleasant to be around.


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