Pop. 279 (Religious)

  • Militia Headquarters
  • Jail

Surrounded by an inner wall with 18 sections, the 80’ high earth walls are 40’ thick and 360’ in length, having parapets every 30’. The outer wall surrounds this with 30 section of a 40’ high walls, having a slopes on the outward side. Numerous Catapults are housed in small or large structures about walls.

A 25’ wide brick road travels from the outer wall through the middle of the town square. Crisscrossing the town are other wide dirt roads, with each road having a smaller brick roads on either one side or in the middle of the road, to help transport the catapults in inclement (rain) weather through the town.

The JAIL houses various criminals as well as the various monstrous humanoids (captured by patrols or other means) who’ve done the bulk of the work in building the massive earthen walls. In time, some of the monstrous humanoids are released into the wilderness to tell their tales of warning to those who might think of entering into the civilized lands.

The MILITIA guards the jail, trains new soldiers, and is able to quickly bring a large force together equipped with chariots for speed and both small and large catapults for firepower. When there is a significant intrusion into civilized lands, this force is called to meet it either as a ‘support’ force, or to slow it down (using the heavy firepower and mobility), until other forces can be brought to bear. This town and its militia basically comprises a ‘fast artillery’ regiment that usually guards the jail and trains new militia men from the surrounding regions.

The local temple is also called upon to aid the regiment. The overly large town square acts as one of several rally points and has storage structures on one side containing chariots, armor, supplies, and other things needed for a large force to leave quickly. Occasionally, there are mass drills (and lockdowns in the jail) where the catapults are brought down from the walls and the entire force moves out for anywhere from to 3 hours to 3 days at a time. This gives the prisoners plenty of work for replacing the catapults back up on the top of the walls when the force returns or moving them through the muddy roads when it rains.

  1. Composite Bow Mker
  2. Trap Maker
  3. Lantern Maker
  4. Chariot Maker
  • Viktor Mairtin – Head Jailer
  • Bernat Ozkar – Temple Priest
  • Lefteris Muiris – Temple Asst. Priest
  • Silvezter Indreas – Garrison Commander

Occasionally there are ‘Catapault Races’ between prisoners and/or militia.


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