The Post-Graduate Academy of the Magical Arts in Vittorio is bigger on the inside than on the outside. The herald of the academy includes the keywords: Professionalism, Search for Knowledge, Repository of Magical Facts.

The atmosphere tends towards dressy/formal, with formal respect due each member, even between bitter rivals.

MEMBERSHIP is normally composed of up to L5 (as higher levels tend to form their own societies), but higher levels will often use The Post-Graduate Academy of the Magical Arts for various reasons. Reasons include:
  1. Looking for those who may be able to obtain special components
  2. Mentors looking for mentorees
  3. Using the lab spaces
  4. Lectures
  5. Recruiting
  6. Their relationship with the head of the academy
  7. Showing off that they are a part of another ‘select’ society as well
  8. It is by far the biggest magical ‘society’ and nearly all mages are members despite also being members of other ‘select’ societies
  9. Etc… There are plenty of reasons that high level mages can be found here.

There are dues, but members can brign “Guests” who will be afforded access to the basics of membership (i.e. magically generated refreshments). There are three (invisible) servants that serve members food/drink. They are named Pika, Kimo, Keanu.

Xerex Obsidiangees is the head of Post Graduate Academy of the Magical Arts. His familiar is named Anoki. Everyone can ‘see’ Anoki, but no one can actually describe or recall what ‘it’ looks like. Xeres is quite critical of those who appear to eat/drink to excess or who carry to much weight. He views that this weight dulls the senses, and that the body must work efficiently for the mind and intellect to work efficiently.

Jan-Kin Dazzleglow (a gnome) is in charge of the library, and for having one of the conjured servants copy any books/scrolls which are brought in.

Alexander Branko, a high charisma but quiet individual, is responsible for arranging the lecutures and research reports that members give. He can turn a dry lecture into an interesting one, so he will frequently deliver the lecture ‘for’ other individuals who have done the research. While many an egoist would prefer to deliver the lecture themselves, he gathers more attendees to the lectures he delivers and the questions afterwards are always taken by the original researcher.

Material Components can be bought/sold in this club. And there is a board listing rare components that are sought after, so that adventurers might know what to look for.

There are 3 Magic Device Vaults outside the city.
  1. Low level items
  2. Unknown/dangerous items
  3. High level items. There is always ‘risk’ associated with storing item in these vaults, but they vaults are more secure than most. Mages can easily access items from these three vaults through The Post-Graduate Academy of the Magical Arts. It is rumored that the storage of ‘evil’ based items can also be arranged, but storage of this sort of items is generally frowned upon as it generally poses nothing but trouble.

Lab materials and lab space can be rented. There include special “Blast Rooms.” No Necromancy is allowed.


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