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Key Places in Vittorio:

  3. THE RHC SALOON (The Re-enforced Half Coconut Saloon)
  6. Magic Device Vaults
Other Key Places In The Region:
  1. TEMBERWEIS (Updated 4/8)
  4. GERMO
  5. TADEO

A small club/bar where adventurers and those seeking fortune can meet. It caters to those who are both ‘new’ to town and for those who wish to seek “Grand Adventure” (3-5 level and below). This club is frequented by most classes except Mages who generally seek the company of those with superior intellect and a knowledge of the magical arts. Rolber Amulius is the head of the Adventure Club. It is known for its monkeys, its memberships, and of course, it’s bar.

Xerex Obsidiangees is the head of Post-Graduate Academy of the Magical Arts. Xerex’s familiar is named Anoki, and while everyone can ‘see’ Anoki, but no one can actually describe or recall what ‘it’ looks like.
The entrance (no door) to the small building is usally ver dimly lit from the light from the street; there are two large clay pots with strange sweet smelling fungal plants growing in them. In general, those who are not mages are not allowed in without a member vouching for them; therefore a persons first entry is usually with another member of the acedemy.

THE RHC SALOON (The Re-enforced Half Coconut Saloon)
The exterior hanging sign depicts an Orc who stands outlined by a silhouette of nice suit of armor, but is only wearing a strategically placed Coconut. The place is expensively priced, and only those who are wearing Masterwork Armor are allowed in. Inside this pricy saloon, there is a large wooden Orc Statue with a special “Coconut Chalice” (reinforced of course).

Patrons can order The House Special which is served in the Coconut Chalice at a very exorbitant price; but everyone in the tavern receives a free drink as well to go along and toast with the chalice drinker. Drinking the strong and potent ale is rumored to have three effects. They say that if you haven’t seen the ceremony of the drinking of the chalice before, then you are guaranteed to wince. The effects are drinking from the challice are known to last for a period of a couple of weeks, but thankfully they are not as a result of the ceremony.

This society has about 20 members, of which only 8 will wear special and identical “Funeral Suits” that make them completely undetectable to the undead. Accordingly, the members have a height/weight requirement related to the wearing and use of the suits. Associate members do not have this requirement and are partially responsible for taking care of cemeteries or at the very least, contracting the work to others on behalf of the city. There are several cemetaries and burial societies, but the Pallbearers Society can be thought of as having the responsibilities of an umbrella organizaton covering them all. Ordinance regarding burials and cemetaries can be set by either local government or the Pallbearers Society, with the society having pre-emptive authority. (Plus, they can make and enact decisions faster.) Ludoviko Vilhelmo is the head of this society.

The organization that addresses the problem of Fey infestations in the city and the surrounding area. A never ending battle as it is much easier for Fey from the wilderness to make their way into civilized regions than it is for large creatures.

Magic Device Vaults
There are three vaults whcih are located outside the city.
  1. Low level items
  2. Unknown/dangerous items
  3. High level items There is always ‘risk’ associated with storing item in these vaults, but they vaults are more secure than most. Mages can easily access items from these three vaults through the POST GRADUATE ACADEMY OF THE MAGICAL ARTS. It is rumored that the storage of ‘evil’ based items can also be arranged, but storage of this sort of items is generally frowned upon as it generally poses nothing but trouble for everyone involved.

Other places outside Vittorio

A small village three days down the road, and a fourth day of travel through the forest. Temberweis is surround by forest and has no patrol or garrison stationed. It is a human settlement that is not under the protection of any castle, keep, tower or other stronghold.

A small government outpost with a citadel, tax office, and well known bathhouse. There is a significant library, as well as a small, but reputed to be VERY powerful, garrison.

A small city with a military induction center (officers) and several military schools. There is also a school for math, sceince and engineering, as well as a siege engineer school. There is a major multi-denomination yemple which is a meeting place of all temples in the area, in addition to a major theater and major marketplace. Two ancient monesteries are also situated here, and they help keep order through the occasional display of Jell Kwaben’s power.

There are Multiple large brick making operations in this primitive place. There is a crumbling ‘dual’ tower. Vincent The Wise (also known as Vincent Caj), for what it is worth, is considered the local wise man. Both Vincent and Gulbrand Olav are the key residents of the dual towers. They have Dwarf Bowling on Tuesday and Thursday.

This town is relatively close to the wilderness, and has both a jail and a militia headquarters. The “Militia” is much closer to an army than a militia, as they are fully armed with chariots and siege equipment, and act as a fast reaction force equipped with very heavy artillery. The militia also doubles as the guards for a major jail for humanoids of all types, including monstrous humanoids.

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