Kwaben Castle

Kwaben Castle
Pop. 400 (Dictatorship)

  • Fortress
  • Military Induction Center (officers)
  • Sentry House
  • Theater
  • Temple (multi-denomination)
  • Major Marketplace

With several related military schools, this place has become a location for future officers needed for present and future conflicts. While there is no conflict with any neighboring city state, or race, there is still the need to prepare for the wilderness and the settlement thereof.

The two monasteries, through an ancient agreement, provide Jell Kwaben (or resident leader of the castle) with disciplined troops in addition to the officers and cadets a the military schools. The monks very much dislike the occasional ‘enforcer’ tasks infrequently required of them; therefore they tend to try to quietly and behind the scenes make sure there is public order, so that there is no need for them to be called upon. This suits the dictator fine as long as he is able to occasionally show is control/authority over them. Even if his requirements are arbitrary, the monks have learned that by throwing themselves fully and with full discipline into these occasional displays of power, that this satisfies his need to show his authority. It works very effectively for all parties now that this equilibrium has been struck.

The premium temple is not dedicated to one deity, but serves as the meeting place for issues of all temples around in the region. While such a edifice and organization would normally be found in Vittorio itself, space is at a premium in the city and Jell Kwaben paid for this temple himself. It provides him, along with the two monasteries, with even greater basis for his authority/stature as a result. The temple’s presence gives him significant status, and as he requires representation of both monasteries in the key meetings that seldom take place at the temple, he gives has elevated their stature. Nevertheless, most issues that would be addressed or handled at the temple by all religions are handled behind closed doors in Vittorio.

As unusual as it may seem, it appears that the monasteries have been given a vote at the temple, however they have only abstained except when the vote has been unanimous. The monasteries rotate duties for opening and closing the ceremonies, as well as starting any discussions, which has turned out to be a way of avoiding issues of ‘who goes first’ or giving one cleric from a particular temple a more ‘honored’ position than another, preventing any sort of jealousies. The representatives from the monasteries are never introduced by their names, only their order. The settled lands around his castle are very secure, and he provide significant protection and assistance to lesser fortresses in his domain at any need.

  1. School of Math, Science, and Engineering
  2. Siege Engineer School
  3. Telescope Shop
  4. (2) Women’s Foundation Shops
  5. (2) Monestaries

Kwaben Castle

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