Pop. 80 (Oligarchy)

  • Bath House
  • Citadel
  • Tax office

This small walled town has 15 wall sections, and each 8’ composed of 2’ thick wood. There is a 2 inch iron gate. It has 9 streets, most are about 140’ or 70’ long. There are parapets around the walls, so that the walls can be walked on. There is a small citadel with large mirrors facing outward from the top of the citadel; they look like they can be rotated.

The Citadel houses a mage (Emil Mithril) who has the tax authority for the region. With tax money he’s built the bathhouse, which doesn’t look like much on the outside, but is incredible on the inside. Although ‘open to the public’ the services offered the general public is quite limited, but welcome nonetheless.

It is reputed that his cronies and other officials from around the region, including Vittorio, can use the luxurious spa like services at ‘public’ prices. Yet an ‘opening’ can always be found if a high enough price is paid to the bathhouse manager and if ‘decorum’ is kept, especially when the mage is in the bath house, which is his normal haunt when not at the library. This is a good way to speak with him, albeit expensive.

Money Changer – for paying taxes with goods. while the ‘rate’ is not particularly favorable, Emil Mithril has not allowed anyone else to set up business in the town, and it is rumored that he own this business.

Library – A good place to look up information and to learn. It rivals or exceeds the libraries at the POST GRADUATE ACADEMY OF THE MAGICAL ARTS but is not as focused on “magic” topics. In addition to the staff, there are several full time positions for scholars at the library. The titles are:
  1. Master Researcher of Redundant Volcanophrenophonlogy
    (Rumored to have something to do with sound or tremor transmission/dissapation through the ground between volcanoes based on the locations of the volcanoes.)
  2. Loremaster of Suggested and Rectified Pedoconchology
    (Rumored to have something to do with studying subterraining mollusk shells and something to do with correcting the previous understanding thereof.)
  3. Chronicaler of Future Ideology
    (Rumored to have something to do with prophecies and religious futures.)
  4. Developer of Exploratory and Predicted Chronoanthrology
    (Rumored to be working on scheduling, changing, or understanding the developement of human time.)
  5. Enthusiast of Modern and Subjective Anthrogeology
    (He has a major fascination with earth elementals and all things earth elemental. “Enthusiast” is an understatemnt at best.)

A bit outside the walls of Gordano are inns, and private locations for rent, mostly catering to the wealthy. A few elderly and wealthy individuals have taken up residence, and are regular visitors to the bath house and therefore probably know Emil Mithril quiet well.


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