Pop. 270 (Anarchy)

A rather primitive village with both temporary and rudimentary wooden structures around a large and old brick ‘dual’ tower that is overgrown with lots of plants and branches sticking out of it. Parts of the thick brick walls are crumbling from roots weakening the walls. The towers look like they would be easy to climb, although quite dangerous at higher levels due to their state.

The primary industry of this village is brickmaking, with several large brick making operations. Bricks are loaded onto special wagons and are shipped sent all over. Despite the abundance of bricks and the limited talent (needed) to make them, there is no talent for repairing the dual towers.

The toughest thug (Gulbrand Olav) lives at the top of one tower, while the local wise man Vincent Caj has his den in the other. There is very little in the way of wealth here, with most being laborers, including a smattering of monstrous humanoids either making a good living (and good wage for added strength/talents) or working off a debt for more of a standard wage. It can be a violent place where the local patrol is often as drunk as the resedents. Nevertheless, they can make for a powerful mob when their interests are threatened; if they could only figure out what their interests are though.

Besides making bricks, the only othe industries here are
  • Glass Bead Maker
  • Spear Maker
  • Basket Maker
  • Rain Maker
  • Kiln Makers
  • Bakers

Nothing else is likely to be found to purchase.

  • Tavern
  • Wise Man’s Den
  • Vincent Caj (Wise Man)
  • Gulbrand Olav (Thug)
  • Kirstine Kristin


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