Character Generation Information

You get to create stats for two characters and to pick one to use.

Each ability score for your character is rolled using a different method. Use each method below once for a single ability; this way each ability has a different bell curve. You assign to the stat to the single method BEFORE you roll the dice; there is no reassigning the results to a different stat after the roll.

  1. 3d6 (six times) use highest roll (range = 3-18) AVG 14.33, STDV 1.84
  2. 4d6 (highest 3 dice, reroll the 1’s) (range = 6-18) AVG 13.9 STDEV 2.53—
  3. 3d6 (four times) (reroll the 1’s) (range = 6-18) AVG 14.26 STDV 1.73
  4. 3d6 (two times) (+2) (reroll the 1’s) (range = 6-20) AVG 15.35 STDV 2.13
  5. 3d6 No Modifiers (range = 6-18) Minimum “6”, AVG 10.5 STDV 2.8
  6. 3d6 (“6”=“7”) (range = 3-21) AVG 10.68 STDV 3.73
    (AVG and STDV were based on 100 rolls)

Feel free to try it a few times to see what sort of stats this can generate; sometimes the one you are expecting to be a weak stat winds up being a strong one.

If I roll the characters starting stats for you (or witness the rolls) then you’ll get maximum HP at first level. Otherwise I’ll have to approve your character that you rolled on your own, and HP will be determined by rolling two dice and taking the highest.


  • 300gp or 500gp depending upon the campaign start.

You may spend 50gp to get one additional skill point that can only be used for a Craft or Profession skill.

If this is the start of a new group instead of your joining an pre-existing group, please note it is important to generate your random stats BEFORE creating your background. To address the issue of players coming in with all sorts of backgrounds then immediately getting into conflict since they are all going in separate directions, and to avoid the oddity of all these new adventurers have no safety net and no other connections in the world, the group will need to decide upon a ‘joint’ background. To aid in this, I’ve created the following opportunities for players:

  • If there is a clear ‘majority’ race, and your PCs race is a part of that majority, you get 1 point added to your lowest ability score.
  • You may gain, one time free, skill point to spend in any profession on craft skill that another player has. (This means you could both spend 50gp to gain a craft, and then get a second craft for free if someone else has that craft. This gives you potential for a common background.)
  • The only saftey net that each player has it the other party members who you have all known for a long time.
  • Every PC, by the third game, should have one other PC who success is important to your PC. Succeeding in this has positive ‘in-game’ effects that I will not divulge.

If I witness the roll (or roll for you) then you will also get a random bonus feat before you assign race/class. Even if your character doesn’t meet the pre-requisites for the feat, they will automatically gain the benefits once they have the prerequisites to actually use the feat.

Here is a link to a good character tracking and generation spreadsheet for Pathfinder: SCoreGen.

If you don’t have the Pathfinder sourcebook (spells, classes, etc) then go to

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Character Generation Information

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