The AVENTURE CLUB is in the city of Vittorio.

The Adventure Club is a small club/bar where adventurers and those seeking their fortune can meet. The perfect place for adventurers who are ‘new’ to town and for those seeking a starting place for “Grand Adventure.” This club is frequented by most classes except Mages, who generally seek the company of those with superior intellect and can therefore be found at the The Post Graduate Academy of the Magical Arts. Rolber is a good natured and very helpful Halfling.

Owner: Rolber Amulius (Halfling)
Assistant Manger: Tryphon Nicolaos
Staff: Quirinus Grapple, Bede Sargon (Half Elf)
Servers: Faunus Mercury, Anida Gadar.
Cook: Mia Garbini

Rolber Amulius is the Halfling owner of the bar and the head of the club.
Bede Sargon is a Half Elf and both an animal expert and architectural expert.
Tryphon Nicolaos is the ‘Assistant Manger’ and takes care of the bar backs, the supplies, and promotes the various events held on different nights. Whereas Rolber is the ‘head’ and the face of the club, Tryphon is the circulatory system.
Quirinus Grapple is a large but quiet fighter who refs the fights, moves the items, and acts as the bouncer.
Servers: Faunus Mercury, Anida Gadar.
Cook: Mia Garbini

The club is known for its monkeys, the events that are held there, and its very cool blue bartop. Rolber is often found behind the bar, standing on one of four horizontal barrels in order to reach the bartop to serve the patrons varous drinks.

There is a large open and fenced back yard behind the club. A section of the exercise yard behind the pub has a fight ring, movable bleachers, exercise equipment, and even wooden weapons. There is also room for games of skill. This area is rarely used despite its availability. Exercise ropes go the third floor and roof, and can be used to support a canopy, or for climbing/escaping.

There is a supply of wooden weapons (subdual damage) for fights that are scheduled beforehand. Quirinus Grapple acts as the referee. Betting takes place at the level of copper and silver, and bets are placed at a ‘window’ both at the start, and at the first ‘break’ during the fighting.

Fights are regularly scheduled on a board inside the club, where those who get drunk and start a confrontation or use violence in the club are separated and their names placed on the board. If any of the the offending parties don’t appear for the scheduled fight then they are shamed publicly for the next month. (This hasn’t happened for a while, so most are not familiar with the method used.) Many an adventurer who doesn’t hold well either his alcohol or his temper will wake up to his head hungover and his name hanging several times on the board.

There is a notice board where message and job offerings are often left

There are ‘dues’ to the club, but it is not required. Paid membership gets you a mug with your name on it, which is stored on the Mug Wall. Membership also gets you a 5% discount at a couple of nearby stores for armor, weapons, and other adventuring supplies. Members are able to sell low level magic items ‘on consignment’ for a reduced fee.

The average level is 3-5 level and below


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